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Our Research

The Knoepfler Lab is interested in epigenetics and chromatin, and the cellular machinery that regulates these states normally in stem cells and aberrantly in cancer, particularly pediatric brain tumors, as well as during faulty brain development such as occurs with microcephaly. There are many, exciting open questions in these areas of research. For instance, what are the shared and distinct molecular events in normal and cancer stem cells? Do some of these same molecules impact brain growth in microcephaly? What about childhood brain tumors?

We use cutting edge molecular, cellular and developmental biology methods as well as genomic and gene editing technologies to attack these questions. We are particularly interested now in the roles that the MYC family, DPPA4, and the histone variant H3.3 play in stem cells and cancer. How do these factors link together the epigenome to cellular behaviors and tissue growth?

Our big picture goal is to impact human health through discoveries in development, cancer and stem cell biology.

Join us! We are currently as of 2020 looking for a talented postdoctoral fellow to join our team, and we are always recruiting new graduate and undergraduate students as well.